This step by step guide should help you convert your existing Flux React apps to Redux.

One of the most significant differences between Flux and Redux is the use of stores.

Flux has multiple, Redux has a single store.

Create a new file in the root called configureStore.js

configureStore.js to setup the Redux store and middleware

I have included thunk and redux immutable state invariant middleware, as I find them useful. I won’t go into the details of this story, however, I would suggest looking into them if you are interested.

You will need to add the required packages for…

I have been recruiting developers for 13 years now and although the technology has changed during that time, what candidates want has largely remained unchanged.

There’s no getting away from it, salary still comes top.

If you want the best developers, you have to pay well.

I recently worked on migration project to upgrade a number of 4.6.2 projects to dot net core (actually it ended up being net 5 by the time the project finished).

As part of the migration we wanted to use Identity Server 4 ( #to manage authentication. The application was a suite of web applications and APIs, having a central point to manage the authentication between each of these layers seemed to make sense.

Whilst the examples on the identity server wiki site are great if you are connecting with a dot net core client ( they are rather lacking for…

Alex Driver

Technical Operations Director at kwiboo. Experienced project manager, technical architect and lead .net developer.

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